Welcome Assoc. Prof. Liu Xiaoyuan from Luoding Polytechnic​, China to be Committee Member!

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Assoc. Prof. Liu Xiaoyuan

Information Engineering Department, Luoding Polytechnic

Research Experience:

1. Preside over the project

He has successively presided over one project of "Tiancheng Huizhi" innovation and education promotion fund of the Ministry of education, participated in one project (ranking No. 3), presided over three projects of Guangdong Provincial Department of education, one project of Yunfu City, two projects of Luoding Polytechnic, five other projects including the National Basic Computer Education Research Association of colleges and universities, the national vocational education and information technology teaching steering committee, and guided two provincial projects for students.

2. Published papers

He has published more than 30 academic papers in journals at or above the provincial level.

3. Monograph and textbook

Published 1 monograph, edited 3 textbooks, participated in compiling 1 textbook.

4. Patent and software copyright

Three utility model patents and four software copyrights were obtained.

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