The conference is soliciting state-of-the-art research   papers in the following areas of interest but not limited to:

1) Artifical Intelligence1) 人工智能
Intelligent Control智能控制
Machine learning机器学习
Modeling and identification建模与识别
Artificial Intelligence in modelling and simulation人工智能建模与仿真
Artificial Intelligence in scheduling and optimization人工智能的调度与优化
Computer vision计算机视觉
Data mining数据挖掘
Intelligent database systems智能数据库系统
Evolutionary data mining进化数据挖掘
Fuzzy systems for robotics机器人模糊系统
Fuzzy control and intelligent systems模糊控制与智能系统
Fuzzy optimization and design模糊优化与设计
Fuzzy pattern recognition模糊模式识别
2) Sensor 2) 传感器
Sensor/Actuator Systems 传感器/执行器系统
Wireless Sensors and Sensor Networks 无线传感器和传感器网络
Intelligent Sensor and Soft Sensor 智能传感器和软传感器
Data Acquisition and Measurement Engineering 数据采集与测量工程
Virtual Instruments 虚拟仪器
Design on Measuring Electric Circuit  电路测量设计
New Technology on Developing Sensor 传感器开发新技术
3) Control Theory And Application3) 控制理论与应用
Control System Modeling 控制系统建模
Intelligent Optimization Algorithm And Application 智能优化算法及应用
Man-Machine Interactions 人机交互
Instrumentation Systems 仪表系统
Process Control过程控制,
Manufacturing Process 制造过程
Network Control 网络控制
Automotive Control Systems汽车控制系统
Autonomous Vehicles 自动驾驶汽车
Transport Control Theory And Methodologies 运输控制理论与方法
System Engineering Theory and Practice系统工程理论与实践
Robotics and related fields机器人技术及相关领域
4) Material science and Technology in Manufacturing 4) 制造业材料科学与技术
Atificial Material 人造材料
Forming and Joining 形成和加入
Novel Material Fabrication 新型材料制造
Green Manufacturing 绿色制造
Design and Manufacturing of Composite Components 复合构件的设计与制造
Surface Science and Engineering 表面科学与工程
Quality Control of Manufacturing Systems 制造系统的质量控制
5) Mechanic Manufacturing System and Automation5) 机械制造系统及其自动化
Manufacturing Process Simulation 制造过程模拟
CIMS and Manufacturing System CIMS和制造系统
Mechanical and Liquid Flow Dynamic 机械和液体流动动态
Vibration Measuring and Reliability Analysis 振动测量与可靠性分析
Finite Element Analysis and structure optimization 有限元分析与结构优化
Fault Diagnosis and Maintenance Theory 故障诊断与维护理论
Intelligent Mechatronics and Robotics 智能机电一体化和机器人技术
Complex mechanical-electro-liquid System 复杂的机电液系统
Industrial Automation, 工业自动化
Electric Automation 电气自动化
6) Other Related Research6) 其他相关研究

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